8 окт. 2018 г.

Находки недели [5].

Я пропустил выпуск прошлой недели из-за своего дня рождения, поэтому далее ссылки за 2 недели.


  1. Getting Started With Python inside PostgreSQL.
  2. Create your chatbot using Python NLTK.
  3. What is Public Key Cryptography?
  4. The mystery behind del() and why it works.
  5. Understanding Regression Error Metrics.
  6. Making an Unlimited Number of Requests with Python aiohttp + pypeln.
  7. Python Open Source of the Month (v.Sep 2018).
  8. Multiprocessing using Python 3.7.



  1. 7 best practices for operating containers.
  2. Cloud Source Repositories + GitLab.
  3. Announcing updates to Cloud Speech-to-Text and the general availability of Cloud Text-to-Speech.
  4. Introducing headless Chrome support in Cloud Functions and App Engine.
  5. Introducing new Cloud Source Repositories.


  1. Cloud Native Computing Foundation Receives $9 Million Cloud Credit Grant from Google Cloud to Fund Kubernetes Development, Empower Community.
  2. 50+ Data Structure and Algorithms Interview Questions for Programmers.
  3. Unleashing the Power of Redis.
  4. Google just gave control over data center cooling to an AI.
  5. How being open about your financials can help grow your reader-funded publication.
  6. Think your startup idea will work? Run a premortem for the best chance at success.

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